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Marriage and Couples Counseling

If you’re going through a stressful or difficult time in your relationship, couples counseling can help.  Trying to navigate a challenging relationship when you feel resentful or misunderstood can be unproductive.

Couples seeking counseling often feel stuck and overwhelmed with their negative pattern of interaction but are unsure how to change that pattern.  If you both feel like you’ve fallen into a pattern of struggle and it’s difficult to talk to each other or be around each other, this might be an indication that marriage counseling or couples counseling is needed.

Couples therapy can help:

  • Improve communication
  • Heal past hurts
  • Repair resentments
  • Rebuild trust
  • Reconnect in a healthy way

Common Relationship Problems

To have a truly great and satisfying relationship, you have to be able to talk to each other openly and honestly.  Good communication is something that couples often struggle with, for a myriad of reasons. Typically, poor communication leaves couples feeling distant and lonely in the relationship. Intimacy usually suffers and couples feel that they’re growing farther apart.

If you’re in a relationship where one person wants to talk and the other is avoidant and shuts down or you feel like every time you try to discuss something the same argument or issues surface and nothing gets resolved, know that couples counseling can help couples talk to each other in a different and productive way.

Added Benefits of Couples Counseling

Additionally, relationships are a great place to learn about ourselves.  In fact, we tend to learn the most about ourselves in a relationship.  We discover how patient and forgiving we really are, how assertive and stubborn we can be, how we manage anger and guilt, and how we respond when we don’t feel understood or appreciated.

For this reason, couples counseling is not only beneficial for you as a couple, but for you as an individual.  It gives you the opportunity to examine some things about yourself that perhaps you haven’t before, and it can give both of you the opportunity to learn something about the other that maybe you haven’t considered before.

Build a Strong and Fulfilling Relationship

The example of a healthy, mature, long-lasting love is not always something we get to see growing up.  Consequently, knowing how to have and sustain a supportive, loving, and respectful relationship is not always intuitive.

If you’re not sure how to fix things and you’re getting nowhere, couples therapy can give you both the opportunity to talk openly and safely about what is not working in the relationship and can provide you with new ways to discuss these issues.

You can identify what you need and want from each other and strengthen your friendship and relationship.  If you’re considering marriage counseling or couples counseling, I invite you to give me a call and get back on track.  I am serving clients in Georgetown, TX and the surrounding area.

For information about the cost of couples counseling, click fees.