If you feel it’s time for a change in yourself or in your relationship, I’m here to help.

Making the move towards a healthier, more balanced, more joy-filled life requires work and persistence, and it can be helpful to have guidance and support on this path.

Whether you want to see me individually, as a couple, or as parent and child, I want to help you communicate more effectively and to feel more confident, more secure, and more connected.

Learn More About Who I Am

I work with individuals, couples, and families of all cultures and ages addressing issues including (but not limited to); anxiety, depression, conflict in romantic or family relationships, interpersonal difficulties, anger, parenting, major life changes, and trauma.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and I am also an EMDR therapist.  EMDR is a gentle therapy that helps resolve pain, trauma and difficult emotion.
There are many therapeutic modalities I use, and I am always considering the whole person and the family dynamics from which you come and currently live in to help design interventions that will be tailored to your uniqueness.

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